Mold Removal in Naples, FL

Also Serving: Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, FL & Surrounding Areas

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Firewater is a state licensed Mold Remediation company. Our CEO/owner is licensed and trained in mold assessment and remediation. We have worked in area schools, hospitals, medical facilities, dental facilities, as well as old and new homes. Actually, we have worked in almost any type of structure you can name!

Our project managers will professionally guide you through the mold remediation process, and answer your questions based on our decades of experience in Southwest Florida.

What we DO NOT do, however, is attempt to “scare” our clients into unnecessary work. We are not dealing with the Ebola virus or Ricin. Making a mountain out of a molehill may make some companies a lot of money, but such behavior is neither necessary nor prudent.

Mold is a natural part of the South Florida environment, which often negatively impacts interior air quality. We understand that some clients may be subject to additional considerations due to physical limitations or suppressed immune systems. However, we try to make the response appropriate to the type and extent of the mold contamination. We will give an honest appraisal and a realistic estimate for the necessary remediation.

While we do perform initial mold assessments, we do not perform mold testing; nor should any mold remediator. That leads to the old saw about the “fox guarding the henhouse”. The assessment should always be performed by a group independent from the remediation contractor, who is the direct client of the property owner.

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