Renovate Your Home with Complete Home Damage Repairs in Naples, FL


We have extensive experience in the proper cleanup and disposal techniques related to sewage backups, biohazardous materials, and death scene cleanup. We have been the provider of choice for numerous public and private schools in the area, as well as area hospitals and medical facilities. Our procedures follow the remediation protocols used in public schools.

Vandalism? Storm Damage? Critter Invasions?
You Name It, We’ve Done It!

  • Tree falls on the roof and the roof needs to be boarded up? Done!
  • Windows are broken out during a fire, and you need us to secure them in the middle of the night? Done!
  • Elevator pit is flooded with oil and water and you need us to pump it out? Done!
  • A crazy person breaks in to your home, cutting himself in the process and proceeds to tear apart your house while bleeding all over the place and you need a cleanup crew to come in and clean and sanitize the biohazardous blood? Done!
  • A raccoon falls into an atrium and opens a hose bibb, thereby creating a swimming pool in the midst of your living areas, and you need us to remove the water and the raccoon? Done!
  • Several thousand bats are driven from your attic and you need us to clean and decontaminate due to the possible presence of Hantavirus (all while wearing full protective gear)? Done!
  • A skunk sprays inside your garage?
  • A home needs cleanup after being condemned due to hoarding?
  • Police use pepper spray during a siege and you need it cleaned out and neutralized?
  • A house, so infested with water and mold that even its metal studs have to be removed, and needs to be completely demolished and rebuilt?
  • Done, done, done, and DONE!

We are called upon to deal with new problems all the time. In most cases, we are able to help. If we can’t help, we can offer our advice based on an extensive history in the area.

Complete Damage Repair Service

Contracting services are provided by Firewater Construction Services, Inc (License CGC061453). The license-holder, George F. Wilson, has been a Class A General Contractor in Florida for nearly forty years, and a Marco Island resident for more than thirty years. Mr. Wilson has been involved in the construction of more than a thousand Southwest Florida condominium units, and over 100 custom homes. No other area restoration contractor has the amount and quality of experience in the actual construction of luxury homes and properties.

Most water losses involve minor repairs: small drywall repairs, removal, and replacement of baseboards, painting a few walls, re-stretching carpet, and of course cleaning. We are able to perform those tasks quickly and professionally to meet industry standards while following insurance guidelines and practices.

However, some jobs, whether due to water, fire, or mold, require a major reconstruction effort. We have the people and ability to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Some of our more major reconstruction efforts have included:

  • Roof replacement of a condominium on Marco Island due to fire damage.
  • Emergency clean-up and temporary waterproofing of a large East Naples condominium after a massive blaze.
  • Emergency water extraction during a violent thunderstorm after a faulty water supply fitting caused a ten-story flood that inundated two units on each floor of an exclusive Gulf-front condominium.
  • Removal and reconstruction/replacement of all interior drywall, doors, trim, cabinetry, and floor coverings in a 2,000 square foot home on Marco Island after the home was subjected to three months of steady water intrusion. (The loss was caused by steady dripping that went unobserved for an extended period of time).
  • Drying and restoration at Lely High School (Click here for complete story)

Firewater is capable of any amount of reconstruction activity, and in our testimonials section we have copies of the actual letters written to us over the past twenty years proving we can perform the necessary repairs.

However, if you have a preferred general or building contractor in the area we are more than willing to perform the emergency or specialty services required, and then let your contractor perform the repairs. Typically, it is best to have certain services, such as mold cleanup or odor control, performed by a contractor familiar with proper methods, materials, and procedures. We will also provide references to remodeling contractors, upon request, for extensive repairs if our schedule will not permit us to perform in a timely manner.

Construction Services

There is a direct relationship in most industries between knowledge and competence, experience and quality, and accountability and trust. This is especially true in the construction industry.

As a third generation carpenter and builder, I started my career with the Cape Cod Local of the Carpenter’s Union in 1971. Before that, I worked with my father, who restored old colonial homes on the weekends.

Since 1976, I have been involved with numerous construction projects, as either a supervisor or the builder of record, on scores of condominium units. As the owner of G.F. Wilson Construction, I personally built and supervised the construction of approximately one hundred custom homes, and several condominiums, on Marco Island between 1986 and 1996.

Some of the condominium projects I have supervised or built include:


  • The Wilderness Country Club
  • Mariners Cove

Marco Island

  • San Marco Residences
  • Florentine Gardens
  • Olde South 1 and 2
  • Waters Edge
  • Florentine Villas
  • Southern Breeze
  • Sunrise Bay
  • Estuary 1 and 2
  • Club Regency
  • Surfwalk

However, even after working as a builder for over twenty years, I was not versed in the specialties of response and repair to structures damaged by water, fire, or mold. I have spent the last two decades, and many, many hours, to obtain knowledge, certifications, and expertise in these areas. I hope you will give Firewater the opportunity to put this experience to work for you.

—George F. Wilson, President/Firewater Construction Services, Inc./CGC061453

Cause and Origin Inspections/Expert Witness Testimony

Firewater has been hired on a number of occasions to perform “Cause and Origin” inspections when the reason for the damage cannot be readily determined. This hire is usually made by either the insurance company or the adjuster, but may also be made by the homeowner. It is always important to attempt to insure that the cause of the damage is found and corrected, prior to the repairs being made.

In addition, Mr. Wilson has been certified in Collier County to provide expert testimony with respect to construction litigation.

Condominium Walk-Thru for Associations

“It doesn’t pass the smell test!” How often have you heard that expression used to describe something that doesn’t seem quite right? Usually, that simple test, made early enough, can save the condominium association thousands of dollars and considerable heartache over removal and repair to the common areas drywall.

There are many products on the market to help monitor properties for water, moisture, temperature, and humidity, and in some instances they work quite well. However, the most effective way to check for household problems related to moisture, mold, or odor, is for a person to enter the home, and look, listen, touch, and…smell. A musty odor means there is likely a problem that, left unchecked, may become an expensive issue.

Firewater has a simple but effective method: perform a monthly walk thru and inspection on behalf of the association, to insure that there are no readily apparent issues that need to be corrected before major damage occurs.

If you are a condominium manager, please contact our office for a free inspection and quotation for our services at your property.

Firewater Restoration Services