Household Restoration Reviews from Residents in Naples, FL

Letter of the Day

Kim Miller

Kim Miller Thank You Card

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I wanted to send a note thanking you and your company for helping us through water damage that occurred in our condo back in March of this year.

I especially want to praise the services of Tracy Stanfield. She was able to professionally assure me that she would take care of everything and that eased my stress totally. She always got back to me in a timely manner with answers to my questions. She also had an eye for detail and was only happy when the work was done perfectly (I credit that to being a woman!) I can’t imagine someone representing your company any better than Tracy.

Thank you again,

—Kim Miller

Letters from 2013

Tom and Beth Skradski

Tom and Beth Skradski

Lakeville, MN
July 1, 2013

To: Lisa Genet

Lisa, there were times in this process that we (including you) thought it would never end. When we became Collier County's permit test case, I was not sure if we would ever make it back to Minnesota. However, seeing the happy tears in Beth's eyes when we saw the finishing touches that the "girls" had done, we knew that we were represented by the right restoration company.

We would like to thank Jeff and Carlos for their prompt and continued attention to the mitigation process. Also, the construction crew of Charlie Heweker and David Mullen did a great job and lent a hand whenever they were needed. The girls, Blanca Ramirez, Sanjuana Reza, and Sara Garcia kept everything going so all of the different workers could come in. Roger Rios and his painters did an amazing job both painting and pulling together all of the finishing touches to our home.

Finally, we would like to thank you, Lisa, for your direction on this project. I thought I heard someone say that you were new to Firewater. If so, after this everything should be a piece of cake. You were hit multiple times from every direction but still managed to complete the job. Cedar Hammock is a very close-knit community and we would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone in our community.

Thank you again and we will see you this fall for the loose ends.

Tom and Beth Skradski



testimonial from attic

Date: September 4, 2013

Lisa, I wanted you to know that I think that your crew did a very nice job yesterday on our attic; Gene can comment on the Bacci's as when we left they were just starting over there. They were very friendly, professional and fun to talk to and very thorough. I checked out our attic before we left and it was much better and even smelled "nice". I enjoyed meeting you and your crew, thanks for taking care of things.

THANKS again!!!!



testimonial from dot

To Sarah Kaspen

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your return call, and your information.

Per your advice, attached is a check for water repairs to my condo.

Please thank the two gentlemen who had to remove boxes to get to the carpet—more were removed than will be put back in the closet.

Also Sarah, thank you for you kindness in listening to me.

From, Dot



testimonial from kate

As discussed, Naples, Cheque Enclosed

Dear Sarah, Thank You!

I shall always remember Sarah and Rebecca arrival to Chaos! Calm and strong, superb followed by the men with the fans. They were wonderful. I will be forever grateful.

Sincerely, Kate.



testimonial from sandy

Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much for all of your professionalism and your help! You are much appreciated!

Warmly, Sandy

Letters from 2012

Kenneth and Kathleen

Kenneth and Kathleen

testimonial from kenneth and kathleen



On behalf of Kathleen and me, I would like to thank your company, and especially you, for the time, dedication and for a job well done. Never having been through this process (Hopefully, never again) one does not realize the extent of damage until the job is done. You were very patient with Kathleen and me during the process. Should Firewater need to use me as a reference, please feel free to give them my name and number.

Thanks again,
Kenneth and Kathleen



testimonial from leon

November 12, 2012
George F. Wilson/President
Re: Tracy Stanfield

Dear George:

A calamity struck our Marco Island condo at the beginning of last September. We did not see much of the resulting mess, and were able to travel to Marco at the beginning of October. I had spoken with Tracy by phone in September, when she described the mess and explained what had been done by her and her crew.

While we were there in October we did, on many occasions speak with her in person, by phone, and by E-mail. Also, we had occasion to see her and her crew working on our unit.

I wish to tell you that people who earn and deserve commendation and praise should get it, and that's why I am writing you. In our conversations and dealing with her, Tracy was not only knowledgeable and professional, but courteous. Phone calls to her were, to her credit, returned the same day and our questions were addressed. Tracy's performance is a positive reflection on your business and a satisfaction to customers like us.

I take this occasion to thank Tracy (though some work remains to be done in the next several weeks). For what she has done and how she did it. I ask that she convey our appreciation and thanks to her crew, as well.

Thanks/Best Regards,
Leon Nigohosian

Letters from 2011



testimonial from evelyn

June 21, 2011
To: George Wilson

You have some very fine employees! They were so helpful, kind, and calm during the messy clean-up. I cannot remember all their names-but-Corina and her crew were outstanding. Also Ray and Luis.

Thank you so much,



testimonial from matt


Chris Smith and The Naples office were really terrific. We had a very unpleasant damage event on October 12, 2011 but Chris and crew got us through it—Thanks, Matt



testimonial from annette

March 4, 2011

Dear Mr. Wilson,

As consumers, we do not hesitate to voice our dissatisfaction when things are not as we expect; however, we seldom voice our satisfaction when things are as expected or possibly better than expected. For this reason, I felt it necessary to write and advise you of how satisfied my husband and I were with your staff. At the end of October we unfortunately had the opportunity to use your company due to a flood we had in our condo.

Your staff arrived promptly and immediately began to do the necessary tasks under the circumstances they confronted. They were extremely quick and efficient while at the same time being very courteous and patient with my husband and myself as, of course, we were very upset and had little knowledge of what needed to be done. They were very careful of our possessions even though they were working at a quick pace. As I recall, the staff members here were Sarah, Tom, and Ray. They are to be commended for their work.

In addition to those mentioned above, I cannot tell you how fortunate we feel to have had Tracy Stanfield as our project manager. She was extremely patient and courteous while at the same time most professional—always on time for appointments, and always returning phone calls or E-mails. Since we had to return to New Jersey while major work was being done, she most certainly eased our concerns by keeping us updated on all the progress that was taking place and promptly answering any of out many questions. She also made several helpful suggestions. She most certainly is a great asset to your company.

We were completely satisfied with all of the work here—complete tile replacement and caroet replacement among other things. All of this being said, we cannot leave out your cleaning staff who did a wonderful job cleaning up and putting things back together. They too, are to be commended for their great work.

In conclusion, Mr. Wilson, despite the overall terrific job done by "all" of your staff, we hope we do not have occasion to experience any of this again, but if we do, we most certainly will be much less stressed.

Yours Truly,



testimonial from mary


Dear Mr. Wilson

I felt it necessary to write to you in regard to Tracy Stanfield. She was absolutely terrific when she took care of my water damage and mold problems. She returned my phone calls in a timely manner and kept me informed when I returned to Maine. The people she hired did a great job. The girls were remarkable. I was very satisfied and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you, Mary

Letters from 2009



testimonial from julie

To: Sarah Casburn from Julie

Dear Sarah-(Thank you for your communication skills) Enclosed is a check payable to Firewater Restoration Services in the amount of xxxxx for the work performed in my home recently. I am also enclosing my appreciation and thanks for your wonderful staff and their expertise at getting the job done.

They were all so nice and helpful that they made a scary situation bearable. Imagine if I had gone away!!! Please give my best to all—Blanca, Ray, and Carlos (The 1st crew) (remember Ray and Tom) but it's a bit fuzzy until the final workers which were Blanca, Ray, and Carlos—Outstanding people!!




testimonial from ralph

A message left with the answering service on 9/17/2009 from Ralph in Naples:

"Caller wanted to call and let company know that the 2 techs who were at the above address on Sat am were an absolute delight to work with. He wanted company to know that they were very professional and really knew what they were doing and he would not hesitate to call this company if he ever needs service again. He thanks them for everything."



testimonial from brad


Tracy: You are blessed with a wonderful staff. Charles is "somebody to admire" Great work ethic and fine workmanship. Quiet and unassuming. Thank you for placing him on this project. Brad

Charles and Jean

Charles and Jean

testimonial from charles and jean

January 13, 2009

The electrician came by this morning s scheduled and I am enclosing out final payment.

We do appreciate all the work your firm has done for us and if you ever want to use us as a reference feel free to do so. Handling this project of water restoration from our home in Missouri certainly was made easier by both your firm and Jodie. Without the two of you it would have been an impossible task to accomplish with one trip of only a few days in July of this year. We're pleased with the end result of your work and will enjoy the upgrades made during restoration.

Letters from 2007



testimonial from thomas

December 12, 2007

Dear Tracy:

Enclosed find a check to cover the final costs for the renovation of my condo at XXXX. Please send me a paid in full invoice for the entire bill for my files.

I am sorry that I did not tell you earlier of how pleased I am with the outcome of the work of Firewater. You met every expectation and more. You did all that you promised in an efficient, timely, and professional way and with quality throughout.

I would be willing to recommend Firewater to those seeking satisfaction, fair price and quality work. As you know, this is the third project by Firewater for a relative and friends. Your work with my brother Bill and his wife Terri met their expectations. You also worked with my good friends Mo and Ron on their project and they were pleased to recommend Firewater to me.

Thanks again for your work.




testimonial from carol

Notes on her Invoice upon payment:

As Always,

We want to let you know how much we appreciate how Great your service is and wish you were up here in New York.

Most Sincerely, Sacha

Letters from 2006



testimonial from marie

June 10, 2006

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Just a note to let you know what a great employee you have in Chris Smith. He was able to assist me recently with a situation I had. He is very competent, polite, knowledgeable, and should be very valued by Firewater.

Sincerely, Marie



testimonial from frank

Handwritten on Invoice at time of payment:

Thank you—you made a bad experience—easy to handle


Kenneth and Diana

Kenneth and Diana

testimonial from keneth and diana

Re: Home repair due to water damage

Dear George:

I would like to take this opportunity to heap praise on your Company and Employees for the outstanding job that was performed on our home after severe water damage due to a faulty hot water heater.

First, our beautiful home has been totally restored to its original condition. Second, every step in the reconstruction was handled totally to my satisfaction with never any hindrance or obstacle to completion. Next, I was especially appreciative of the fact that your representative dealt directly with the insurance company. Fourth, every employee or contractor was especially courteous and made every effort to please. They represented your company well.

I can't name everyone, but Tracy Stanfield, as Supervisor, was beyond outstanding. This also includes Sarah and her crew, Charlie, David, the phone receptionist, and the many others who worked so well. They made an unpleasant situation (water damage) into a bearable condition.

Please feel free to use me as a reference ANY TIME. My wife and I are most appreciative of what you have done for us. I would also appreciate it if you would share this letter with everyone who worked in our home. In today's news, when one hears the bad stories about contractors, etc., your company is a bright Shining Light.

Thank You,

Letters from 2005

South Seas West

South Seas West

Testimonial from south seas west

Dear George,

Now that things have settled down a bit after the storm, I want to take a few minutes and thank you and your crew for the quick response we received after Hurricane Wilma. When we were unable to reach your office by phone due the phone lines being down, I had Tracy's cell phone number and was able to reach her. We arranged to get the fans in place even before the power was to come on so that we could start drying immediately after the power came on.

Many thanks to your crew in responding so quickly through this disaster.

Sincerely, Derek

John P.

John P.

testimonial from John P.

Thank you for the great clean-up job you did.



testimonial from Diana

November 8, 2005

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Just a note to let you know that my condominium suffered some extensive damage in July 2005.

Tracy came down and surveyed the damages and had everything under control in a short time. At no time did she not know what to schedule next and always checked on the men to make sure they were doing their job. I work full time and because of that, Tracy called me at work to keep me informed as to who was coming into my home and how long they would be there.

I cannot express how much I appreciated all that she did and always with a smile on her face or in her voice. Please let her know that I appreciated all that she has done in getting my condominium back to its original state. Not only is she the most efficient person I've ever met but she is also such a pleasure to work with. She is a great asset to your company because when she's out there as yo

Patricia P.

Patricia P.

testimonial from Patricia P.


Thank you again for your great completion of this job. Everyone did their work when they said and it looks like water had never been here!

I will highly recommend you!

Have a good winter season.


Letter from 2003



testimonial from john

Dear Sir/Madam:

I want to commend your co. for the work that was done by your staff at my condo. Tracy, especially, was thorough, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for a job well done.

Regards, John



testimonial from jim

Dear George:

Thank you!

After experiencing significant water damage resulting in the most feared form of mold, stachybotros, your immediate and most intelligent response was a godsend. After receiving several bids, I determined that your fee was competitive. However, the value for services received was truly off the charts!

The extent of mold damage was so extensive that the necessary removal of walls reduced my villa to a virtual shell. With a deadline of January 31, you commenced work on December 13. I strongly believed that your chances of completing the job in this timeframe were unattainable. Enter your incomparable Project Manager, Tracy (Stanfield)!

Not only was the job completed on schedule (requiring keeping more ball in the air than a master juggler), the quality, attention to detail and responsiveness of Tracy was extraordinary. I am still amazed.

You and your group made a stressful time eminently tolerable. Should prospective clients need a reference, I can be reached at XXXXX.

Again, George, please accept my sincere thanks for a job well done.

Sincerely, Jim

Letters from 2000

James P

James P

testimonial from 2000

Attention: Mr. George Wilson

I want to express my personal "Thank You" to you for the prompt and efficient manner in which your company handled a "water flood" situation in our unit 702 September 14-20, 2000.

Your personnel were "on the job" within thirty minutes of our call. They went to work at once with water vacs to remove standing water. They carefully moved furniture, took up the carpet in our main closet, and checked paintings and clothing, etc. They then brought in required fans and dehumidifiers.

After much activity on the 14th, they returned daily to probe walls, reset equipment, dried carpeting, replaced padding, and re-installed carpeting.

Your company's outstanding service made a difficult situation easier.

Very Truly, James P

Letter from 1996

George F. Wilson

Charles Paul

George F. Wilson
PO Box 1906
Marco Island, FL 34146

Dear George,

Imagine the situation I found myself facing. I just was discharged from the hospital after a serious operation. We thought we had a problem with our heating/AC unit and called the furnace people. He checked and called back (to Illinois) to tell me we had a disaster in the condominium. He recommended a fellow named George Wilson to handle the problem in our absence. Our toilet tank had overflowed and the guest bathroom and guest bedroom were a mess. The carpet was waterlogged, the furniture was damaged by water and mildew, etc. The bedroom walls needed to be torn down and rebuilt because of the mildew and odor.

You came to our rescue! You handled everything from the contracting to obtaining approvals from the condo insurance company, and out household insurance company, plus keeping my wife and I informed of the progress as the repair took place. You called back promptly when we contacted your office with a question. You did everything you said you would do, and we hadn't met face to face yet.

George, we owe you a tremendous vote of thanks for your integrity, thorough workmanship, and courteous treatment throughout the ordeal. Please put my name at the top of your list for reference checks. You may also be interested in hearing that Sue Lewis, the senior claims manager for my insurance company, told me you were about the best she ever worked with. I guess our respect for your fine performance is mutual. Thanks again and thanks to the folks who handle your calls because they were always friendly and helpful. Best of luck for the future.

Kindest Regards,
Charles Paul
Naples, FL 34109

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