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Hurricane Damage Response

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Hurricane Preparedness Seminars

George Wilson is a Certified Instructor with the National Center for Construction Education and Research. Using materials prepared by the University of Florida’s “Program for Resource Efficient Communities”, Mr. Wilson can provide your group with a seminar, which will provide Continuing Educational Credits for CAM licensees. Some of these seminars provide interactive CD’s, which include a template to help a Condominium Association create a Disaster Plan specific to that association. Mr. Wilson is also a recent graduate of Disaster Coalition Training, presented by the University of South Florida.

Mr. Wilson is available to members of CAMMI (Community Association Managers of Marco Island), BMI (Building Managers International), and COMA (Community Owners, Managers, and Associates). In additional, Mr. Wilson has tailored presentations for property management firms.

Feel free to E-mail Mr. Wilson directly at [email protected] for further inquiry.

Hurricane and Major Loss Response

Even though this type of loss does not happen often, this seems to be one of the major areas of concern for property managers and condominium owners.

What can we expect when a major loss occurs? Well, it depends on whom you called, and why you called them. Was your decision based on careful deliberation and consideration based on qualifications, or was it a decision made in haste and under duress?

It is important to prepare for this type of emergency before it occurs so that you know exactly who to call to get the best service. It should start by an interview process, during which prospective emergency services providers can present their qualifications to the property manager and condominium board of directors. The company that you call will likely be involved in work that affects the property and contents of both the homeowners and the association. Emergencies can often be contentious and sometimes litigious. When selecting your emergency services contractor be sure to choose the company with the requisite experience and knowledge or you may find yourself in not just in water, but hot water.

We have a long and successful history of proven area experience with large losses, including condominium roof replacements and multiple-story high-rise water and fire losses. In virtually all single-event losses, we performed the work with in-house employees and proven subcontractors. On two occasions (a large medical facility in North Ft. Myers and a large law firm that operated from a historic Ft. Myers structure), we brought in a large-loss “partner” which routinely performs work on an international scale. Firewater’s local connections and supervision combined with their resources made for a very successful partnership.

After the last two hurricanes inundated Southwest Florida, the area suffered a second flood: that of the “Storm Chasers” coming in from all areas of the country in the hopes of getting your business. While there are a number of very qualified and capable companies that perform this type of service, there are also be a number of unscrupulous characters looking more to profit than to serve. The best scenario for a condominium association is to hire a firm with a strong local connection, but with the ability to bring in the additional help if needed to provide efficient emergency service.

After hurricanes Charley and Wilma, Firewater collaborated with other emergency service providers from Texas and Cincinnati to dry and repair hundreds of individual units and dozens of condominium properties. These are companies with whom we have a successful and ongoing relationship. When we need them, they will be here.

Helpful Hints

One of the many benefits to attending a seminar is learning from each other. It seems that everyone has one of two learning experiences from going through a hurricane, or other major loss. We ask attendees to share those experiences. Feel free to click on the various seminars below to see what others have to share. It may save time, money, heartache, or perhaps all three.

Seminar, May 22, 2013
Seminar, May 29, 2013

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